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The Cosy Pet is an inside/outside portable home suitable for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs to enjoy. Lightweight and very easy to clean, this means keeping pets is even easier.

With an optional Fox-resistant run it is safer for your pets to stay outside unattended, leaving you free for the day.

Optional Extras

Your Cosy Pet can be bought with additional features to further enhance the experience for your pet, these include;  Door Flap; Cosy Bed and an Enclosure Run.

Door Flap creates an extra cosy place for your pet to relax and feel at home.

The Cosy Bed has been specifically designed with a double layer filling and provides padded insulation from the cold ground.

The shape of the run mesh is designed to protect your pets from predation. The fox resistant overlaps are pinned down and act as a barrier to deter foxes and other animals getting into the run. The run can be easily extended by adding extra mesh sections with tie wraps.

Dimensions – 58cm Length x 54cm Width x 38cm Height
Total Length with optional run – 145cm