The Cosy Coop is designed and manufactured in the UK by BEC – it is an innovative chicken coop utilising research and engineering skills the company has developed in its sixty year history to bring our customers high quality products for their birds.

The main chicken coop and run end panel is available in virgin green or granite material – both of which are fully recyclable in their own right at the end of your Cosy Coop’s long life span.

The Cosy Coop is easy to install and easy to clean… Our video below will show you how easy it is to assemble your new coop:

The Cosy Coop is durable, light and uses high grade materials to ensure a long lifespan – all BEC products are UV resistant and in these days where traceability, biosecurity and environmental considerations are paramount it is reassuring to our clients that all the materials used in BEC products are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. In addition BEC’s Polymer feed stocks comply with Underwriters laboratory on half burn flammability tests ensuring safety.

The majority of the components used in the production and assembly of the Cosy Coop are available as spares should you encounter wear and tear or damage to your hen’s home. Simply email us at and we will help you purchase replacement parts.

The Cosy Coop comes with two, 0.9m lengths of high grade, plastic coated, formed wire sections providing a run for your birds. The design of the sections is such that the run is fox and badger resistant and keeps out wild birds – helping reduce the cost of your feed bill. The fact that the Cosy Coop is plastic also helps you control red mite helping the health of your birds over time.