“The Cosy Coop chicken house has to be one of the best designed coops available today, I have personally used a Cosy Coop with a two meter run for over a year and for its size it is an ideal coop for the backyard, hobby and exhibition keeper. It will house two or three standard sized birds or four bantams in comfort.

The coop is simple to use and has easy access to both the run and housing, there is a door on the end of the run section that allows you to put in the water and feed containers and this door also allows the birds to leave the run and be free range if you have the space!

The housing module has a large door on the side that can be removed completely making maintaining and cleaning very simple, it also makes collecting the eggs very easy. Inside the module there is a simple wooden perch and a nest box that is moulded into the floor section.

As the housing is a complete moulding it is free from any form of joints making the coop easy to clean and maintain. In the fight against kept Red Mite this is a distinct advantage as the mites have no areas in which to hide and become established.

The unique design of the Cost Coop allows you to clean and wash out the coop using a hose or power wash, the water easily drains away through the drain hole in the rear base of the module.

Moving the Cosy Coop is very easy as the whole unit is light and can be moved quite easily by lifting the end of the run and sliding the whole unit to wherever you need it to be situated, two people can carry without much effort using the handle grips on either end, again another plus for the design of this unique coop.

An exterior drawstring is fitted that controls the pop hole in the housing this can be pulled and released to allow the pop hole to be opened or closed without disturbing the birds.

The one I use comes with a two meter run made up of a couple of sections of heavy duty coated weld mesh, the sections are very easy to install and are held by removable plastic plugs that fasten the mesh to both the housing and the run end. The run has an outside wide overlap that is big enough to deter predators as it is pegged down securely with long galvanized pegs.

The coop is made in the UK by BEC – it is of extremely high quality and will last a lifetime with correct use.” 

Poultry expert and Publisher

“The Cosy Coop is brilliant it cleans out really well, it’s easy to assemble and very robust, there is ample room for our three hens, and the fact you can just pick it up easily to move it saves wearing the grass down and making the lawn patchy, all the doors are easy to open and close with good locking devices and the whole coop is and will weather very well, I am all together extremely satisfied with the product, thanks”

Ben – North Yorkshire

“I have used the Cosy Coop for over a year and it is an ideal poultry house that I would recommend for any chicken keeper.

When the coop arrived it was very easy to assemble and comes complete with easy to follow instructions, everything fits together well and the coop can easily be taken apart if required.

The housing is secure and is easy to move around the garden, it can be lifted easily by two people, or as an alternative I find that I can move it around the lawn on a daily basis just by lifting the end of the run and sliding the coop across the lawn, this keeps the lawn in good condition and also gives the birds fresh ground every couple of days.

The coop is suitable for up to three standard sized birds especially if you use the two lengths of wire sections which giving a run a length of almost six feet.

Inside the housing section there is a perch and a built in nest tray in the corner, access to the housing is through a large removable side door.

At the end of the run the solid end section holds a door to allow the birds out of the run if you would like them to be free range.

Cleaning is simple with easy access to removing any soiled bedding, if the housing needs a really thorough clean you can do this with a hose pipe and wash the inside of the housing as there is a drain plug at the end of the housing to release the water.

I highly recommended the Cosy Coop as a very easy coop to use and also the perfect solution for any small poultry and hobby keeper.”

Gaynor – Norfolk