Over the last few years there has been a massive increase in the interest in keeping chickens, for many people this is their first experience into this hobby and making the right decisions on the breed to keep, what products to use and what type of housing is the best for your circumstances can be hard.

Choosing Your Chickens

Select a breed that is not too fancy and ideally one that is low maintenance, the first birds need to be clean legged and not have fancy crests or feathered legs, get used to managing chickens before going for the most exotic breeds.

Why Choose Our Chicken Coop

The Cosy Coop is the perfect answer for any keeper – it’s a great starter coop for the beginner who wants to keep a few chickens in the garden and enjoy the experience.  It’s especially good for young families who want to keep a few chickens as pets while enjoying the best eggs you’ve ever tasted!

The reason for this coop being ideal is the fact that the unique design provides a low maintenance, easy to move coop that is compact, attractive and user friendly.

Keeping your chickens in a good healthy condition is very important and the Cosy Coop takes very little effort to keep clean and insect free. The main coop section has a large side door that gives easy access to the interior, this lets you collect your eggs and clean the inside.

Assembling Your Coop

The Cosy Coop is delivered in an easy to assemble kit form that consists of four parts – the housing module, two sections of wire mesh and the end section, it is very easy to put together, taking only a  short period of time to get it ready for your chickens, the coop and run can easily be dismantled should the need arise.

Water For Your Chickens

Always situate your hen’s water drinker outside in the run area as this prevents the bedding on the inside of the coop from getting damp and wet, you should always keep the inside of the coop dry as this prevents disease and bacteria.

Inside The Chicken Coop

The housing comes complete with a fixed wooden perch and a nest box that is moulded into the floor of the coop, the fact that there are no joints inside the housing module makes it easy to keep clean and helps to prevent any Red Mite infestations or any other insect problems.

Moving Your Coop

With any coop it is ideal to move onto fresh ground as often as possible, with the Cosy Coop it can be moved by one person just by lifting the run end and dragging it easily across the grass or by two people carrying it using the handle moulded into each end especially for this purpose.

Cleaning Your Chicken Coop

The Cosy Coop housing module has a drain hole in the base allowing you to wash out inside with a hose or pressure washer and easily allowing water to drain out, you can then let the base dry and add fresh bedding.

Our Quick Reference Guide to Healthy Happy Birds

  • Always put the water in the run not the housing even in winter.
  • Move the housing as often as possible to keep the ground fresh.
  • Keep the interior of the coop as dry and clean as possible.
  • Check constantly for any signs of Red Mite and deal with accordingly.
  • Examine the birds for any signs of problems/illness.
  • Collect the eggs daily to make sure they are fresh for eating.
  • Use dust free shavings inside the coop housing.
  • Do not leave food on the run floor as this can cause bacteria and bad smells.